This project began in the summer of 2017 with a family competition to guess the final number of figs that our tree would produce in a season (typically from mid-June through early-November). We came to realize we grossly underestimated the amount of figs produced by our tree, with our average guess around 400 figs, compared to the actual yield of ~1100 figs.

We decided to repeat the competiton for 2018, and similary keep track of the figs during the 2019 season. After taking some computer science and software courses in school, I realized it could be an interesting project to combine our own fig records with other relevant data. We combined our fig records with local weather records along with energy production records from our solar panels (to estimate daily sunlight duration).


Our fig tree was planted in 2000 and was approximately 4ft tall, and by 2016 the tree grew to be at least 10ft in height.

Fig Tree in 2000 Fig Tree in 2016


Some basic plots of the collected data follow:

This project will be revisited and expanded upon the conclusion of the 2019 fig harvest